En-Ya Mt. FUJI Ecotours

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一般社団法人エコロジックECOLOGIC supports the development of community-based ecotourism around the world, focusing on local people, issues, and resources. For more than a decade, our mission has been “to protect the natural environment, regional cultures, and the dignity of the local community through ecotourism.”

Recently we have started providing English-language ecotours in our hometowns and villages near the city of Fujinomiya at the foot of Mount Fuji as “En-Ya Mt.Fuji Ecotours.” We work with “shoku-nin,” local craftsmen such as sake brewers, soba noodle makers, kimono shop owners, the makers of wagashi (Japanese sweets), and more.

In joining our ecotours, you and your guests will appreciate and understand the intangible values of Mount Fuji World Heritage Site, and have great memories of our beautiful culture and nature that you will discover through the hearts of people in our local communities.

1) Mt. Fuji Downtown Fujinomiya Culture Ecotour


2) Mt. Fuji Satoyama Village Cycling Ecotour


3) Mt. Fuji Cultural Heritage Hiking Ecotour


4) Mt. FUJI Exclusive ECOTOUR

We can arrange exclusive ecotours for groups. Please contact us for more information.


Visit our NEW ENGLISH WEBSITE: www.mtfujiecotours.com

Contact:  info@ecologic.or.jp