• Think Globally,
    Act Locally.
  • Think Locally,
    Act Globally.
  • Think Globally,
    Act Locally.
  • Think Locally,
    Act Globally.
Think Globally,
Act Locally.
Think Locally,
Act Globally.

Our Mission:
“To protect the world's diverse natural environment, local culture and people's dignity through ecotourism”

Our Responsibility:
To promote principles of responsible and sustainable tourism. ECOLOGIC has a responsibility to protect the environment, local cultures and communities in Japan and around the world.

ECOLOGIC received the Japan Ecotourism Special Award from the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. Our founder, Masanori Shintani, was also selected by Traveller Magazine Australia as one of the "31 people who will change the world through tourism".

Project Summary

Supporting ecotourism development in Japan and around the world with the mission.

Conducting world-class interpretive guide trainings for ecotours and sustainable tourism in Japanese and English.

Conducting hands-on field trainings to experience SDGs at the fields of Mt. Fuji, JAPAN.

Introducing guests to experience Mt. Fuji up close through the eyes of our communities in Fujinomiya, Mt. Fuji.

Operating a luxurious camping facility exclusively available for guests of En-Ya Mt. Fuji Ecotours.

Current International Cooperation Projects

Laos: “Training Program for Interpretation Trainers to Improve the Luang Prabang Official Guides’ Skills” (JICA Grassroots Partnership Project)
February 2022 to January 2025 (3 Years)

Official guiding training tools and a model eco-tour sites will be developed in Luang Prabang, Laos, in cooperation with the government, local tourism authorities, and local guide trainers to enable hundreds of local guides to interpret the natural and cultural values the World Heritage site for visitors toward the sustainable future.

Gabon: “Awareness and Development for Sustainable Community-based Ecotourism (CBET) in and around National Parks of Gabon” (JICA Grassroots Partnership Project)
March 2022 to February 2027 (5 Years)

Develop community-based ecotourism activities that provide rich and authentic experiences by local people, which will benefit the local population and preserve nature and culture in Gabon. The main goal is on establishing CBET in Akanda National Park, unique for its vast mangrove forests and migratory birds, and also on improving existing tours and the operation skills in cooperation with the locals and researchers in Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, where to meet wild gorillas.

Project Results

In various countries around the world,
we are engaged in various activities such as human resource development,
training tool development, visitor center designing, etc. through ecotourism philosophy.